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SENTINEL Perfect Fit Black Sleeves

SENTINEL Perfect Fit Black Sleeves

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SENTINEL Perfect Fit sleeves are premium grade and dual use!

These sleeves are carefully designed to offer a precision fit on standard-size cards (such as MTG and Pokemon), while also being a perfect oversleeve for sleeved Japanese-size cards (such as Vanguard and Yugioh). A high-clarity gloss front puts your card art on display, while a textured matte-finish back shuffles beautifully.

Both PVC & Acid-Free, these sleeves are made of an archival polypropylene and measure 65x92mm externally and 64x91mm internally.


Dice: Resin

Sleeves: Archival Polypropylene - PVC and Acid Free

Mats: Rubber and Cloth

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Returns accepted within 30 days if unopened and unused.



External: 65x92mm
Internal: 64x91mm
Sized to fit Standard TCG Cards or Japanese Sized TCG Sleeves


Dice: 16mm


Mats: Please see description

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